Probus Club of Gillingham Dorset

A warm welcome to the website of the Probus Club of Gillingham, located in Gillingham Dorset.

Our primary aim is to provide opportunities for retired PROfessional and BUSiness men to be in touch with other like-minded people. We meet once a fortnight and organise a number of events and visits to places of interest each year. Wives, partners and friends are always welcome to join us on outings and special events. Our members live locally and come from a wide range of backgrounds, ranging from science and engineering to sales, education, law and government, as well as many others. Many of their interests include working for the community and supporting local charities.

We are just one of several hundred Probus Clubs around the country and overseas.
We have a monthly newsletter for our members and there is also a quarterly magazine distributed nationally, copies of which are provided for our members.

Detailed information about our meetings, along with a list of all our members and their contact details are issued in a booklet which is reprinted at least once a year.

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