Probus Club of Gillingham Dorset

Gillingham Probus Club Membership Application Form Thank you for showing an interest in our club. Please provide the requested information on this form, along with the simple anti-robot sum, and then press 'Submit'
Your application will then be reviewed and we'll get back to you shortly.
The review is not so much for 'vetting' you as to protect our members' data. Without the review a malicious user could join, log in and have access to other members' data.
Please note that when logging in for the first time you will be requred to agree with the club's GDPR policy, which is set out here.

Data Protection legislation in the UK requires that the personal information the club holds about you is accurate, up to date and held with your permission.
Currently the club holds the following information, provided by you, about you:-

Name, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number(s), Interests, Partner First name, Partner Interests.

This information is held on the club web site (Addresses, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers are encrypted). Printed lists may also be held by the club from time to time. In particular the club will produce a card and/or booklet each year for distribution to members which will contain elements of the personal information the club holds.
The information is freely shared amongst the membership, but is not provided to anyone else.

The club needs this information in order to maintain a record of membership, to facilitate collecting names for meals and outings, to enable the club and other members to communicate with you and to enable members with similar interests to contact each other.

To ensure the personal information held about you is accurate and up to date. You may modify that information at any time by going to the Home Page and following the link "Change my personal information".
You have the right to require the club to remove any personal information held about you. To do that please email or write to the secretary. However, should you do that the club may require you to resign your membership.

Please let us know your interests/hobbies, which are made available to other members
If you have a partner, their details are also shared with other members
This is a basic anti-robot device. Please do the sum.